B.K.S. Iyengar's Birthday Message for Manouso on his 60th Birthday

For me, it's no doubt that one of my oldest students Manouso, who has devoted, I think all his life the moment he accepted yoga as a subject-he honestly, sincerely, and totally, gave his life.  Not only to learn, but to serve the humanity (society and humanity), with zeal, in such a way, that he treated all his friends and students, who underwent training with him, as if their bodies are his own body and his own mind.  

Such a noble person, who had one mind-to help others.  So he is a rare product, no doubt!  And, I am proud of his work. Although I don't praise in public, but in my heart of hearts, I have high regard for him, as I consider him as one of the best students of many best students of all.  No doubt!

I pray for his strength and I pray that his mind becomes more and more universal, so that he comes in contact only with man to man, without color or creed.  As I said, I am proud of him, as I am proud of all my elder students, who built yoga to become the pillar for the firm foundation for health and happiness.  And I am grateful to him and to all who carried my work, in that stupendous speed, in converting and transforming the people towards a rich life.  Hence, I am not only proud of him, but of all of them, all of them, who were in the early days, which made "yoga" become a household subject in all of America.  

I pray to God that he should be kept healthy for years to come, and let him serve, even though he may physically feel weak as he grows.  It's natural, but I wish that he maintains that spirit of going out of his way for people who are in need of him.