March 8, 2019 

Dear Students and Friends of Iyengar Yoga 

It is with a heavy heart that I am submitting my resignation from IYNAUS. I am leaving though I am innocent. I am leaving though I only adjust students who give their consent. I am leaving though I do not touch inappropriately. I am leaving because I cannot prove my innocence. 

I stand accused of misdeeds by this organization and yet I have not been given a fair chance to clear my name. I was accused then cleared by our national ethics committee of inappropriate touch. The committee was comprised of four females and their decision was unanimous. 

The person who filed that complaint appealed the ethics committee’s decision suggesting it was biased because one of the committee members is a long time student of mine. In fact the person who brought the complaint had been informed before filing it that my student was on the ethics committee. Her original reaction was that she saw no conflict of interest. It was only after they ruled against her that she complained. 

It was suggested to me that some in the National organization thought it may have a legal liability with me continuing to be a member. So late last year in order to save the Iyengar Yoga name and to attempt not to put a cloud over the centenary celebrations, I had my lawyers contact the President of IYNAUS to offer up my resignation from the organization if that would satisfy them. They declined. 

IYNAUS decided to ignore the decision by the ethics committee and hire an investigator to reconsider the decision and to also solicit complaints about me from anyone who might have one within the last three decades. They even welcomed complaints from people who did not have to agree that I could be given their names. 

When Geeta Iyengar, Prashant Iyengar, and Abhijata Iyengar came to know of this they wrote a joint letter to the IYNAUS President, David Carpenter, and the National IYNAUS Board of Directors asking them to reconsider their position. Eventually I came to know that the letter that was intended by the Iyengars to be provided to the entire Board was only shared among a few of its members. The president being unwilling to allow all of the board members to see or hear all of the contents. 

When one of my students complained to the Board about his dues funding the investigation he was told that the Ethics Committee’s decision on me had been REVERSED. This had taken place before any interview of me by their investigator

Even though my lawyers have asked repeatedly, the investigator has refused to give me any of the names or any information about any other complaints and has said that she will even consider complaints made by people who will not allow her to tell me anything about them, including any specifics of their allegations. 

Some of my supporters who spoke to the investigator have said that she has never done yoga or been in a yoga class and does not know or understand what adjustments can do. They are convinced the investigator has already made up her mind against me. I am in the ridiculous position of proving a negative and that is impossible for me or anyone else to do. 

It is clear that this organization is no longer aligned with the Iyengars. The burden on my family and this subject that I care about so much leads me to walk away from IYNAUS. I do not believe they are upholding the original principle the organization was founded to do: To propagate the work of B.K.S. Iyengar. 

Since this organization did not let me resign quietly I suspect that now they will punish me in an attempt to justify their actions. 

I hereby resign from the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States. 

Manouso Manos 

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